Video Choppy Policy

            We have trouble-shooted and  fixed the video choppiness issue in citrix and I would like to share the solution with you so that you guys will also aware of this and in future fix this accordingly.

            Case StudyOne of the User reported that he was facing poor video quality while running .mp4 files and YouTube videos in citrix hvd. During testing we observed the same issue that video quality was very poor while running the .mp4 files and YouTube videos in hvd. So in order to fix this we have eslcated this issue to citrix technical support and after some RnD with citrix on this we have found the settings which needs to be done in citrix studio. 

            We’ve changed the following policies in Citrix Studio and after that we tested the video quality by running the .mp4 files and YouTube and video quality was improved without any choppiness.


            1. Open Citrix Studio and Goto > Policies

            1. At the right side pane click on Create Policy

            1. Type Redirection in search bar > Desktop composition Redirection > edit the policy

            1. In Desktop composition redirection option > Enable the policy and click OK

            1. Scroll down and Edit  Windows Media Redirection

            1. Select Allowed policy and Click OK.

            1. Edit > Windows Media redirection buffer size policy

            1. Change buffer size from default (5 secs) to 10 secs and Click OK

            1. Edit Windows Media Redirection buffer size use

            1. Select Enable and Click Ok

            1. Click Next

            1. Select Assign policy to > All objects in the site and Click Next

            1. Name the policy, Add Description, Enable the policy and Click Finish

            Updated: 23 Oct 2019 03:41 AM
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