The System Is Currently Unavailable on Citrix Director


            When you will login to Citrix Director you will get this error. The System Is Currently Unavailable. Please Try Again Later Or Contact Your Administrator". Below screenshot can be seen as a reference.


                  Problem Cause

            Director fetches the information of Delivery Controller it needs to communicate with, via “Service.AutodicoveryAddress” application setting of Director site. In case we have specified a Custom SDK Port Example 8181 instead of default port 80, Director will fail to communicate with Delivery Controller because if the custom SDK Port port is not specified in “Service.AutodicoveryAddress”. Citrix is currently working on this issue and address this default configuration Service.AutodicoveryAddress issue in 7.16 release.

            DirectorService will give an exception in CDF Traces as shown below. This is because by default Director tries to communicate with Monitor Service over port 80 and Monitor Service but in this case, it is actually listening on custom SDKPort 8181.

            Specifying the Correct Custom SDK Port in  “Service.AutodicoveryAddress” and name the Delivery controller server: E.g: Pave-hs11 Or Pave-hs11:80, both will work, but when you will specify the port 80 make you will also need to make changes in in the binding setting of IIS. Screenshot can be seen below as well. 

            Updated: 23 Oct 2019 03:43 AM
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