dinHVD Offline

dinHVD Offline

The VM goes offline due to multiple reasons (mentioned below) which Customer cannot recover using his shop.dinclould.com portal, so dinCloud have to fix it either by restarting the VM from backend or by troubleshooting.

  • Resources exhaustion cause VM’s state change to offline (Contact Support)
  • Whenever Quest Data Collector services stop it will change the VM state to offline as it will not send any heart beat to Connection Broker Server. (Set the Quest Data Service on Auto-Restart)
  • BSOD causes VMs state offline. (Contact Support)
  • Whenever NIC is disabled, VM’s state will be offline. (Enable the NIC inside OS)
  • Customer unintentionally powers-off the VM causing its state change to offline and user won’t be able to access or power-on it. (Power-on the VM from shop.dincloud.com portal)


Following actions can help us to prevent HVDs from going offline.


  •  Avoid from using malicious software and Antiviruses that conflict with Quest Services to crash.
  •  Properly log-off from their HVDs instead of closing the session by clicking ‘X’ bar so that the resources remain normal.

  • Check logs from dinManage if VM gets powered-off inadvertently by the user.

  • Enable VM Analytics to keep Historic record of resources usage of HVDs.

  • Upgrade HVD resources from shop.dincloud.com portal in case of resources exhaustion.
  • Set Quest Data Collector services on Auto Restart so that the communication remain intact with the Connection Broker Server.

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