dinCloud Public Documents

dinCloud Public Documents

When you plan your virtual datacenter with dinCloud, it's imperative that you're aware of all the vast failover & redundancy options we can provide.  Technology fails, but your business doesn't have to.  Like a regular datacenter, virtual datacenters in the Cloud are only as good as you build them.  Think of dinCloud as the best 1,000 piece digital Lego set on earth.  Using our options, tools, and infrastructure you can build any requirement to meet regulatory, availability, performance, security and other requirements -- depending on the choices you make.  Be sure to discuss all options or inquire if confused, with your dinCloud sales and technical resources who are happy to help you!  No question is too small or too big.  So, let's dive into a high level view of what dinCloud offers, but by no means is this meant to be comprehensive.  We build to suit thousands of use case scenarios, so if you have something unique?  Definitely reach out to us. ;-)

dinCloud via Equinix has 110+ datacenter locations to choose from worldwide, all of which are SSAE16 certified for regulatory compliance.  We can also rent 1u, partial rack, full rack, private cage & other colo services to you from any of these locations worldwide.  http://www.equinix.com/locations/   

We can also accommodate and have tested failover of our thousands of public IP’s between datacenters using our BGP ASN #53834 and ARIN assigned blocks; happens in < 30 seconds.  Ask your dinCloud account rep for a high level diagram.

Customers have a wide range of fee based DR options; essentially we are the industry’s best “1,000 piece digital Lego set” from which you build a wide range of flexible solutions to meet any requirement around DR, compliance, security etc. but it’s up to you and costs extra:

Example: Using dinManage (shop.dincloud.com) spin up resources via your account at both Los Angeles (LA3) and Chicago (CH3) in N. America:

    1. Dual Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers
    2. Dual Microsoft fileshare servers replicated in either or both directions with Microsoft DFS
    3. Create a pool of virtual desktops (dinHVD, dinDaaS, dinRDS) at both sites based on your master template
    4. Sync any SQL servers via HA between sites
  1. Pay dinCloud to replicate your entire infrastructure as-is at the storage level; sync’s every 1-4hrs between sites 24/7/365
  2. Rent dinMetal (bare metal) servers and take full control: install your own hypervisor & tools (i.e. VMware + VEEAM.com ).  With VEEAM you can replicate between onsite/cloud or cloud/cloud sites with self-service failover/failback/replication controls that are very granular
  3. Use VEEAM to backup your VMware or Hyper-V on-premise virtual infrastructure to dinCloud offsite, knowing we can spin them up in the Cloud if disaster strikes
  4. Connect to dinCloud using p2p AES256 encrypted VPN, Cisco remote access VPN (using our virtual ASAv firewalls from Cisco), virtual desktops, remote console via dinManage customer portal, private encrypted p2p circuit (1g-10g), MPLS (provider of your choice or we can quote you connectivity) & more
  5. You can provide your own firewall (i.e. Dell Sonicwall w/web URL filtering, IPS, VPN & more) and get a /29 block of IP's for it and colo it with us
  6. It's easy to integrate virtual servers, virtual desktops, physical servers, gear you colo with us and any combination thereof into the same cloud network/subnets/wan etc. that are isolated to your virtual private datacenter instance(s) -- and you get to pick the private IP's, masks etc.
  7. We can rent not only physical servers, but block level storage (up to 1M IOPS), network routers, switches & more.

Those are the most popular choices/designs but there are others, limited only by your imagination.

That said there’s a lot we supply FREE as part of any service when you spend $5 or $500k a month with us:

·         Fully redundant Internet at 1g-20g speeds with the top ISP’s in the world (Level3-#1 & Telia Sonera-#2).

o    Level 3 Network Map http://www.level3.com/~/media/files/maps/en-network-services-level-3-network-map.pdf 

o    Telia Sonera Network Map http://www.teliasoneraicmap.com/

·         Free THREATSTOP.com protection on ALL Internet circuits in both the inbound/outbound directions

·         Fully redundant infrastructure 

·         Top tier fully redundant datacenters (we exclusively use Equinix’s 110+ locations) that are SOC Type 1 & 2  compliant worldwide (ask your dinCloud account rep for a copy)

·         1 x day snapshot of all Cloud at all datacenters held in a rolling 10 day window  ($250/restore fee but system level snapshots mean your data can never be maliciously deleted!)

·         We physically destroy all failed hard disks and obtain a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) (ask your dinCloud account rep for a certificate of destruction from our upstream vendor shredit.com)

·         Certified engineers worldwide (Cisco CCIE, Linux LPIC, Microsoft MCSE, & many others) which can be used in our bundled ITaaS contracts to meet your requirements *and* your budget

·         Free 1g interconnect between datacenters so anything you host is put into its own isolated private MPLS cloud between sites and you can connect any existing MPLS service or p2p circuit, VPN etc. into this from your current provider, onsite remote firewall etc.  plus we never charge ‘data transfer fees’ on any of this.

Questions?  Email me.  I return all emails in 24hrs or less!

Mike L. Chase, CTO, mchase@dincloud.com 


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