Adding VM in the Citrix Delivery Controller and Assigning User

Adding VM in the Citrix Delivery Controller and Assigning User

Adding VM in the Citrix Delivery Controller and Assigning User

  1. First of all VM should be joined on domain and have updated VDA agent installed.
  2. On Delivery Controller, Go to Citrix Studio.
  3. Firstly, Machine Catalogue needs to be created for respective VM.

  1. In the above step, we created the Machine catalogue named “TEST”. 
  2. Description is kept the same. In our case it would be “TEST”
  3. We cannot proceed further until Machine Catalogue is created.
  4. After Machine Catalogue, we need to create the Delivery Group.


In the below screenshot, we are seeing the available machine catalogue name which we created in the previous step, we could not create the Delivery group unless no machine catalogue is available. 

Below screenshot shows the user assignment. 

Note: Make sure when completed Machine showing Unregistered as 0.

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